Entry: nature wool Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thanks for your support regarding the sleeve mishap, guys! Linn: yes, the armhole is as it should be, so there seems to be no mistakes in the front and back patterns.

After sitting around and whining about my sleeve at the SnB meeting at Marias Garn yesterday, I feel better about it today. For three reasons:
1) bad moods never sticks with me, after a bit of a moan I leave them behind
2) I bought some new yarn for the fisherman's jumper, I really want to knit someting with good, honest wool for a change
3) I swatched some Araucania Nature Wool for a project I've been longing to do for ages

And there really is a fourth reason, too: I remembered that knitting is something I do for fun. As soon as it annoys me I need to bring some enjoyment into it again. A good recipe for that is to put the annoying bits to the side for a while and do something else.

That sure is a pretty yarn. And it's wool.


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Jordan 1
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July 2, 2007   09:02 PM PDT
Sounds like an excellent way to tackle things. :-) Enjoy the wool! (låter nästan som ett slagord...) Oh, and I can recomment the bumble cat toy if you're looking for a quick knit, both the humans and the cats in this household find it endlessly amusing...
June 30, 2007   04:46 PM PDT
I must remember your reasoning when I'm getting all frazzled with stuff too!
June 29, 2007   05:50 PM PDT
Now you are talking! Look at my WIP list... I like your reasoning.
June 29, 2007   10:58 AM PDT
Väldigt fint ULLgarn!
I have been abandoning all my recent project at the armpits... It seems to be impossible to gets past that tricky point. Hope you will find new inspiration and fun.
Gunilla T
June 28, 2007   12:04 PM PDT
Good to hear that you are over the disappointment. I am not pleased with my cardigan I was trying to improve yesterday either. There are several things that did not turn out right. Far too big, the sleeves much too long and it was very hard to make them fit the armholes. Then I did not manage to place the buttonholes evenly. This is just my second Rowan-project so I guess it is nothing to be ashamed about. The Rowan-yarns are so expensive and the pictures in their patternbooks looks so nice. I hope I learned something and am able to resist buying yarn and patternbooks from them for some time and go back to wool or cotton-knitting like you. I will send you a link with the picture of how it was supposed to look to your mailadress.
Best wishes/Gunilla

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