Entry: what the...? Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I am annoyed. I am more than annoyed. I am beyond annoyed! Here I am, back finished, front finished. I cast on on for a simple short sleeve. And end up with... a very odd looking and way too small sleeve! And before you say ANYTHING: I've triple checked that I've followed the pattern correctly. And, yes, I've checked Rowan's webpage and there is no errata. And not only that it's blooming small, it looks really, really weird. And yes, I DID follow the pattern correctly (you see my need to make it clear that this was not my fault?).

You get the picture?

When something like this normally happens when knitting, I just throw the knitting into a crumpled up ball and curse like a pirate, but this time I've decided that I. Am. Going. To. Finish. The. Damn. Thing. and not give up.

a... sleeve?
Strangely shaped sleeve. And what's up with that cast off edge?

So, I've cast on for another sleeve, using a larger size from the pattern (the first sleeve didn't even fit around my upper arm...) and I'm going to do some serious modifications to the shape of it this time.

I do want this horrible top to be finished now, because I'm fed up with it.


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February 23, 2011   03:25 PM PST
by the way I have a question, for what kind of material is made it this? I want to manufactured one for my girl, but she have allergic reaction to certain material like wool.
February 23, 2011   03:21 PM PST
what a relief, for a moment when I saw the picture I thought in a knickers, jajajaja sorry I'm a men, but the design and the style of those sleeves are cool, look comfortable and easy to made it, thanks for the information beside the pictures.
August 15, 2007   10:14 PM PDT
I have a sweater with a sleeve like that. It is raglan and the square tp part is part of the neckline. Yours is a good bit shorter. You may also have to east to create the roundness for the shoulder.
July 4, 2007   09:32 AM PDT
Ge inte upp!

Jag ska leta runt lite för att se var jag har lagt mönstret till Peters strumpor. Jag kan inte komma ihåg var på nätet jag hittade det, men om jag kan hitta pappret jag skrev ut finns det säkert någon ledtråd på det.
Till vilken del av Teneriffa ska ni?
June 28, 2007   10:30 AM PDT
Hi Katarina! I've had to read up on several posts on your blog as I've kind of been away with the fairies for a while, which tends to be when people start posting... ;-) I know what you mean about the cost of Rowan yarns - I really wanted to make the Ester cardigan in the Spring 07 issue of Knitty, but the amount of Rowan Scottish Tweed Aran it calls for, compared to the price per skein... Well, let's just say I'm looking for a good substitution. Anyway, I hope you figure out the sleeve issue - some patterns can be a right pain... You should perhaps mail them about the issue, since they may need to put up an errata or clarification on the site? Good luck, and I hope you'll soon have some more gratifying knitting experiences!
June 28, 2007   08:08 AM PDT
I totally understand your frustration. And that sleeve does look really weird. It looks like you should've cast-on a lot more stitches, and had a longer decrease. I can't believe Rowan would be so irresponsible. Hope it works out!
June 28, 2007   12:51 AM PDT
I am there with you. My knitting has recently been going through a rough patch too. Hang in there! You will feel really good when it is finally done.
June 27, 2007   11:42 PM PDT
Have you checked the front and back are correct then? Otherwise I'd just sleep on it and consult my mother, that usually does the trick.
June 27, 2007   10:53 PM PDT
You can always just send it off as a Christmas gift for some evil cousin you never liked.

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