Entry: yarnspotter Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I spent Midsummer at some friends house on an island off the west coast of Sweden. We had a lovely time with lots of good food, sun, swimming and cycling. There was a small handicrafts shop on the island and I had a feeling I would find something to my liking in it. Which I did! I bought six hanks of 2-ply hand dyed wool yarn at a very reasonble price. I have some ideas of what I'm going to do with it, you'll see...


There were a lot of sheep on the island too (but I don't think they were the source of my yarn, however), and since Sheep Are Our Friends (and very cute) I couldn't help taking a lot of photos...




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June 29, 2007   09:06 PM PDT
De blå rooopar till mig!!
Jag får nog ta en renoverings och avhandlingspaus snart och öpnna mitt ullskåp..
June 27, 2007   01:51 AM PDT
Hi, sheep!

I like that shade of blue.

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