Entry: bamboo Monday, June 18, 2007

I started this project sometime this spring. I like trying new things in general, and getting my hands on a new yarn is always exciting. I prefer natural fibres, and this one is really not an exception. Bamboo yarns are all of a sudden in abundance and I like the idea of a yarn that has many good qualities and that is also ecological. Interweave Knits had an article in the Spring 2007 edition about bamboo yarns which was really interesting.

The yarn I've chosen is Rowan's Bamboo Tape yarn and it introduced two new expriences to me at once. It's the first time I've knit with a bamboo yarn and also the first time I've knit with a tape yarn. I like the feel of the yarn, it's very soft and smooth and has a very nice sheen to it. A bit like silk, but not as dry by far. However, I really don't get what the thing is about tape yarns, I find it messy to knit with and sometimes even uncomfortable. The finished result is very nice though. It has a lovely texture and is very lustreous (is that a word?). On the downside; bamboo yarns obviously stretch quite a lot (I've heard this from other knitters as well), which made me rip out the first attempt and change my 5 mm needles to 4,5 mm instead. And the yarn I chose is very expensive. I'm sure not all bamboo yarns are this expensive, but I suppose Rowan isn't exactly famous for its inexpensive yarns, so it comes as no surprise, I suppose. The pattern I chose calls for nine balls of yarn (75 m/82 yds to a ball) and the balls were SEK 62 a piece (about EUR 6.50, GBP 4.50 and USD 9) so you do the math...

bamboo tape

But anyway, I think the result will be fine, I hope I'll get a chance to wear this little top a lot this summer. The back is finished and I'm about to complete the front as well, which leaves the sleeves and the right front piece. I will not use ribbons to close the opening with, I'll try to find some nice buttons instead.


June 20, 2007   04:00 PM PDT
Oh, jättefin! jag gillar verkligen halsringningen med knäppningen. Du kommer kunna ha den till så mycket att priset per användning blir väldigt lite. Eller hur? ;)
Gunilla T
June 19, 2007   03:51 PM PDT
Think it looks great. I did recently spend 1071,- on a from Wincent for a "V-ringad kofta med knappar" model Buckland from the book Classic coast, Design Martin Storey. Yarn: Classic Natural Silk Aran, 464 Aero ā 63,-. I am quite happy with it thoght it is little too big - but very "cozy" and I love the colour and how it feels on my skin. I hope for many chilly summer nights. Good luch with your project!

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