Entry: wwkipday Friday, June 08, 2007

Don't forget: tomorrow is World Wide Knit In Public Day!

If you happen to be in Stockholm, meet up with other knitters at Mariatorget from around noon.

Read more about it over at the STHLM knitters blog.


Moncler Jakke
April 21, 2012   11:47 AM PDT
Ban on women driving should be considered world wide... :-) I would never allow my wife driving my car.. :-),827948,http://katarinawiberg.blogdrive.com/comments?id=217
June 12, 2007   10:23 PM PDT
It's too bad I missed KIP day in Stockholm by a week! The family and I are arriving on Saturday and are staying for three days -- then we're off to Norway and Germany. Are there LYSs I should make sure to see?

Now, if I could only decide what knitting to bring with me!
June 9, 2007   10:19 PM PDT
Vi firade i hettan i Göteborg ! Ett gäng på ca 20 pers blev vi.
June 9, 2007   08:43 AM PDT
I won't be in Stockholm, of course, but I'm planning to make my husband take me out on the town - and he can drive so that I can knit!
June 8, 2007   11:19 PM PDT
Tommorow, on 9th, not after tommorow on 10th?

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