Entry: summer dresses Thursday, April 26, 2007

Spring has been unusually warm here in Stockholm, and today it's practically summer outside, at least if you look at the temperature. A horrible discovery at this time of the year is of course one's lack of a nice summer wardrobe. Sure there's the stuff you bought last year. Or was it ten years ago? Anyway I'm in serious need of a wardrobe makeover. Pimp my wardrobe, so to speak.

For several reasons I really don't have the means at the moment to go on an uncontrolled shopping spree, which means I have to be more creative than usual. But don't worry, folks, I have an idea! Not so original, though, but my plan is to do something with all those patterns I'm collecting and my humongous fabric stash and start whipping up some new and sazzy outfits!

To me summer speaks dresses, dresses, dresses and the odd skirt. And to make this plan work even better is the fact that hopefully by this weekend I'll have a brand new workplace in my apartment where I can permanetly keep my sewing machine ready. No more stowing it away! I'll take a photo when it's all set up.

Anyway, I'm planning my first sewing project in ages even as we speak (the last one was the dress for my sister's bridesmaid)! I borrowed a bunch of patterns from my friend Eva, and the one I'm planning is from one of those. I have the fabric to go with it, but no photo of it as yet. And don't forget my plans from last summer, hopefully I will se them realised soon too!

Here's the dress I'm gonne make. It's the one on the right with a short sleeve.

pattern from 1961
Simplicity pattern from 1961

And I found this lovely blog called "Sew Retro" which I'll definitely join! Summer, here I come!

But don't worry, this does not mean that I have abandoned my knitting, oh, no, I'm still working on those cute knee-high socks and I've started a nice cool summer top for those hot summer days. Pictures to come.


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Good luck! There are some wonderful online resources for sewing/altering things!!

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