Entry: proof Friday, April 20, 2007

I didn't manage to tape it, but here's a photo of the event. Knitting on MTV.

knitting on MTV
Darin and me knitting. Surreal.


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November 18, 2007   10:55 PM PST
Så cooolt! Jag är lite avis och tonåringarna i huset mycket avis!
May 3, 2007   10:51 AM PDT
Oh, I'm so sorry I missed that - although considering I don't have MTV, the chances would have been slim anyway. Looks like a great time though! :-)
April 22, 2007   05:25 PM PDT
Way to go girl :) Herligt at se strik på MTV :p
April 21, 2007   10:56 AM PDT
Skön 50-tals vibb på Knitt-Kattis! Knitting hits the OC-gen. You´ve made it ;)
April 21, 2007   02:53 AM PDT
That is sooo cool!

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