Entry: lace up Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I really like knitting socks, but a big problem with socks is that you don't really see them, they usually disappear in a pair of shoes or under a pair of trousers. And wearing short socks with skirts isn't all that attractive in my opinion. There are so many lovely patterns for knee-high socks out there that I've been ogling for a long time and I've finally decided to knit a pair. I bought some Rowan Yorkshire Tweed 4-ply last summer on sale but had no plan for it. I knitted the "Molly's Headband" with it, but I still have about five 1/2 balls left. Then I remembered the lovely sock pattern in Interweave Knits Winter 2004, and lo and behold, I needed four balls of... Yorkshire Tweed 4-ply to knit those!

knee-high socks from interwave knits winter 2004

 Well, now that's settled! I've been a good knitter and done my swatch, chosen needles and started knitting the openwork rib (much more pretty and interesting than an ordinairy rib).

tweedy sock

However, it's definitely turning out way to stretchy. And I've considered myself one of those people with ahem, shapely calves (a fairly common topic among sock knitters) and suspected that they would be too tight. Well, no real harm done, I'll just exchange my 3 mm dpns for 2,5 mm instead and start over.

waaaay too stretchy!

I could almost claim that I'm keeping with Project Spectrum, since there are some definite pink flecks in this heathery yarn, but my PS contribution today will be these lovely daffodils in my window (at home! I have Easter holiday and won't be back at work until next Tuesday!).

Perfect flowers for Easter


May 23, 2007   09:40 PM PDT
jag känner igen det där med sockar som töjer sig när jag stickar - men det är bara att repa upp och börja om igen - och oftast är det ju faktiskt värt besväret när de är klara
April 7, 2007   09:42 AM PDT
That is a gorgeous pattern. I'm completely with you on the short socks and skirt thing. My first sock knit were actually the Pippi Kneestockings from SnB, but as it was also more or less my first dpn project, they didn't exactly turn out wearable... Not by the same person anyway. ;-) Spring is a perfect time for kneehighs though. Maybe it's worth another try...
April 6, 2007   09:24 AM PDT
Those socks look amazing!! I can't wait to see them finished! I too have daffodils on my window ledge today - I will add a photo of them to my blog later!
April 5, 2007   10:30 AM PDT
I really like the openwork rib, it is so pretty. Good luck with the socks!
April 5, 2007   12:09 AM PDT
you know it is funny you should mention these socks...i have only recently been eyeing them off thinking I really make myself a pair.

like you...i even have the yarn
April 4, 2007   04:48 PM PDT
That's definitely a stretchy sock. Wow, and IK always seems to underestimate the size of its readers. I can't wait to see the knee socks. WOO!

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