Entry: how to wear a frilly scarf Monday, April 02, 2007

This was actually a fun knit, despite the last four rows of 1600 stitches and actually having to cast off the same 1600 stitches! I can definitely see myself knitting more of these lovely scarves, but probably not back-to-back. This is my first "Handknit Holidays" project, but I promise more in the future!

This was an intended gift from the beginning, I had the yarn but was looking for a suitable pattern. My friend C loves this shade of blue and has several pieces of clothing and accessories in this colour (just look at the pictures!), so the yarn basically had her name on it from the very beginning.

I think she's quite happy with it, but she was perhaps not overly happy that I forced her to model it for me to day because she has a really bad cold at the moment, poor C.

Note the lovely matching brooch that C has made.
Completely unaware that I had knit this scarf for her,
she wore that to work today.

Pattern: Ribbon Scarves from Handknit Holidays
Design: Jillian Moreno
Yarn: Rowan Kidsik Haze, shade 582 "Trance", less than 1 1/2 balls
Needles: 5 mm circular
Modifications: None, really, I made the version two shawl, but omitted the glittery edge

blue    frilly scarf    kidsilk haze    blue blue blue    alternative way of wearing scarf

Click on the small images to see larger versions, as usual.

Yesterday Project Spectrum entered phase two with new colours: pink, green and yellow. I find it hard to see myself knitting anything in yellow, but I like both pink and green, so I'm sure I'll knit something using those colours. However, I'm just about to cast on for two new projects that are neither, so I think I have to hang back with my PS participation for a little while. It's too dark to take any decent pictures of what I'm about to start, so I might show you those tomorrow instead.


April 7, 2007   02:12 AM PDT
I love this project. The colour and everything else are beautiful.
April 4, 2007   04:46 PM PDT
It turned out great! I understand about 1600 stitches being crazymaking. That's a lot. Still, C got a great scarf out of it. I hope she's feeling better by now. :)
April 4, 2007   04:18 AM PDT
Great scarf! Good work!
April 3, 2007   06:17 PM PDT
Elegant and beautiful scarf! It looks really good on her. Photos are fabulous, too.
April 3, 2007   04:01 PM PDT
Jättefin! Dert klär verkligen din kompis.
April 3, 2007   12:59 PM PDT
Superdupersnygg halsduk! KSH är ju så underbart mjukt och fluffigt mot huden. Och den där halsduken ser verkligen ut att vara det också.
April 3, 2007   10:23 AM PDT
Cute! Well worth casting off all the 1600 stitches (shivers!)
April 3, 2007   08:52 AM PDT
beautiful scarf! it looks great on her.

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