Entry: when it's springtime in stockholm Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Spring is here! Oh, wonderful, glorious spring. Why do I have spend the day indoors when I want to sit in the sun with my knitting or a good book? (Remember - this coming from a person who all her life has detested early sping, I suppose it's got something to do with age? I mean mine.)

Anyway, I've actually finished TWO peices of knitwear in the last couple of weeks, although I have only pictures to show you of one of them. These photos are hot off the camera, so to speak, C took them less than an hour ago after we'd had lunch at Texas Longhorn. I had a terrible urge to post them, so here they are:

me and the shawl
Please notice my casually un-buttoned coat and folded up jeans. A sure sign of spring. And I've never claimed to be a fashionista.

Pattern: generic Feather and Fan pattern
Yarn: Fonty mohair
Yarn Source: Nysta
Needles: 7 mm circulars

hm    detail    lace    posing    folded

Click on the images if you want to see larger versions (as usual). I don't have a link to a pattern that I can give you, but just Google "feather and fan" and you'll find a ton of versions of it.

The other thing I've finished is the Lace Leaf Scarf from Vogue Knitting summer 2005, but I've yet to document the finished product. Hope to post about it soon, though.


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April 1, 2007   04:41 PM PDT
Jättefin sjal!
Gunilla T
March 29, 2007   10:23 AM PDT
Jättefin bild på dig och sjalen. Jag får ju tyvärr nöja mej med att se dig på bild nuförtiden. Hoppas det går bra med studierna både kinesiska och HV-kursen. Jag har nu bokat en Tokyoresa åker 12 maj! Hälsn/G
March 27, 2007   11:58 PM PDT
Lovely pictures! There is something so pretty and satisfying about Feather and Fan, I think.

Also, I feel compelled to tell you that my grandparents were from Sevierville. :)
March 27, 2007   10:54 PM PDT
Oh there's nothing like spring when you live up North! Nowadays I don't even get to feel that "YAY no gloves today"-feeling... (as I seldom need to wear the during the period they call "Winter" here) but I'm not complaining though ;-)
The shawl looks great, warm but light.
March 27, 2007   09:34 PM PDT
Jag är som du, ingen tidigvår-älskare. För mig har det dock inte blivit bätte med åren... fast det är faktiskt rätt underbart nu !
March 27, 2007   01:17 PM PDT
Den blev jättefin♪
Väntar ivrigt att se din Lace Leaf Scarf! Vi ses på lördag!

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