Entry: the girl from sevierville Friday, March 23, 2007

I normally try to keep this blog and it's contents strictly about knitting and crafting, but sometimes I have to make an exception.

A week ago, Friday march 16th, I went to the much expected Dolly Parton concert here in Stockholm. She is currently doing a European tour, and this is the first time she's toured Sweden since the late 70's.

I've been a Dolly fan for quite a few years now, I have a couple of "best of" type of albums with her classics like "Jolene", "9 to 5", "Coat of Many Colors" and others. And I also have her brilliant bluegrass albums from 1999-2002; "The Grass Is Blue",  "Little Sparrow" and "Halos & Horns", of course. I will readily admit that I didn't listen a lot to Dolly during the 90's, it wasn't really my cup of tea at the time, although I did sectretly love her old hits "Islands in the Stream" and "Jolene".

One of my earliest Dolly memories is when I was standing in front of the big mirror in my mum's bedroom and miming to "Islands in the Stream" (I must have been about seven or eight, it was released in 1982 as far as I know) and my eight year older sister saw me and started laughing at me. I felt awfully embarresed to be caught pretending to be Dolly in front of a mirror, but I've loved the song ever since (even though it's not written by Dolly). Another strong memory is when SVT (Swedish national Television) showed a Christmas special with Dolly and Kenny Rogers that I thought was wonderful, being a complete Christmas fanatic and totally fascinated by Dolly. I don't know what year this was, but I think the programme I remember is "A Christmas to Remember" which was shown in 1984 originally in the US.

Anyway, last Friday I saw her live and I was completely blown away. She is so cool and such a wonderful singer and musician. When she sung "Little Sparrow" a cappella I almost cried. I'm so impressed by her professionalism and her humour and her spirit. I haven't been able to listen to anything but Dolly since the concert and I'm prepared to go to the US to catch one of her performances there. I've heard a rumour that she sometimes lip-sync some songs during her concerts, I don't know if that's true about her concert here, but if she did it, I couldn't notice it.

I brought my camera to the concert, and I shot a lot of photos, but they mostly turned out really crappy. Anyway, here are the best ones:

Dolly Parton

Dolly    Dolly Parton    Dolly Parton    Dolly Parton    Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton    Dolly and Elvis    Dolly and Elvis    Dolly and Elvis
Click on the images if you want to see larger versions.

I also made these short clips, take a look, the quality is really bad and they're not complete, but i glad I have them anyway:

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Fan sites:
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March 24, 2007   02:16 AM PDT
I often wondered what Europeans thought of country music. Generally, I can't stand country, but Dolly is an exception. I don't like all her stuff, but I usually end up liking her movies - 9 to 5 and Rhinestone being my two favorites. And she's fun to watch when she's on talk shows, too. Always funny and has good stories to tell.

My sister's favorite song for the past 7 years has been Jolene. And we're both redheads. :) I don't know why she likes it so much, though - she's not a Jolene.

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