Entry: feather Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I've amost finished the first sleeve (take two) of the Colchique jumper, but it's annoying me because the pattern has given me so much trouble. I don't like the fact that I have to count and calculate so much. I normally don't have a problem with doing that, but this time it's really getting to me.

Instead of letting Colchique slip out into the cold again, I decided that we just needed a small time off. I wanted something quick and easy. I rumbled through my yarn stash and came across about 400 grams of ice blue mohair that once had been an awful tube type top that turned out waaaaayyy to big (I didn't even dignify it with photo) and hence frogged. The yarn is a bit knotty from frogging, but I don't care, I just wanted to use it somehow. After seeing Satoko's lovely Feather and Fan shawl (Satoko, you haven't posted any photo's of it!), I decided that I wanted one too. And talk about quick and easy! It is so gratifying with a lace pattern that looks kind of complicated but in reality is very, very easy.

Anyway, here it is so far:

ice blue shawl
Feather and Fan pattern. Or "påfågelmönster" in Swedish.

I have hopes for this project. I might actually be able to finish it sometime in the near future! ;-)

And now for some praising: I recently bought "Handknit Holidays" by Melanie Falick and I'm in love. There are so many nice and wonderful patterns by brilliant designers, it makes me want to knit everything and have it ready by Christmas! I'm serious! I want a knitted Santa Claus hat! I want the cabled knitted Christmas tree mat! I want the knitted Lucia crown! I want knitted Christmas tree ornaments (they're cat safe, too)! And, oh, how I want those Log Cabin Socks... Just look at the ones Brooklyntweed knitted... *very, very deep sigh*... Oh, about the knitted Christmas tree mat; my boyfriend says it's out of the question, so I guess I'll have to make it a present if I manage to knit one. And I also love how the title of the book is: "...Knitting Year Round for Christmas, Hannukah and Winter Solstice". How comforting to find a seasonal knitting book for an old pagan, too! ;-)


March 2, 2007   10:36 PM PST
Ursnyggt ser verkligen läckert ut. Sså Colchique? Häftigt!
February 26, 2007   01:12 PM PST
Jodå, Katarina, jag har två bilder av min påfågelsjal! Kolla post från 14/8;)

Din sjal ser jätte fin ut!
February 23, 2007   10:32 PM PST
Oh what a pretty scarf!

Are'nt feather and fan patters the best :-)

February 23, 2007   07:57 PM PST
Dette blir aldeles nydelig. Lykke til videre og ha en fin helg!
February 22, 2007   07:34 PM PST
Åh, vilken vacker sjal! Vad bra att du kom på vad du kunde göra med garnet. Jag antar att det inte finns en tubtopp i mohair i din framtid?
cicci Armini
February 22, 2007   09:13 AM PST
I want to make a feather and fan scarf too, but I can´t find the pattern at Statko´s. Can you help me finding it?
February 21, 2007   09:15 PM PST
Love that scarf
I've been thinking about that amazing Agnes cardigan, did you use Drops Muskat and if so did it work out well? I'm just a poor student so if I can find a substitute for those expensive Rowan yarns I'm more than glad.
February 21, 2007   06:52 PM PST
Hej, vad är problemet med ärmen? Tycker du den blir sned? För visst gjorde du med tumme?

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