Entry: behave Monday, February 12, 2007

Well, the Colchique sleeve is behaving better now on my second attempt, I've knit all the way up to the raglan decreases, so there's hope for the old jumper yet!

The spring term has started at Stockholm University, so I won't have so much knitting time (again) because I have loads of homework to do. But it's fun! Chinese is really difficult, but fun!

Haven't got any new photos to show you except the birthday present my boyfriend gave me last weekend:

birthday presents!
Swift and yarn winder

Isn't it wonderful??!! I have a swift! I have a yarn winder! No more ugly balls of yarn in my stash! ;-)


February 18, 2007   07:58 AM PST
oh how nice :) your bf is so sweet and thoughtful.
February 15, 2007   06:21 PM PST
Vilken subtil vink! Grattis i efterskott! Jag har blivit med Myspace... tjoho... kika in på länken i bloggen och skratta ihjäl dig.
February 13, 2007   11:35 PM PST
Wow, you are one lucky girl!
I have a ballwinder, but not a swift. So far, the back of my husband's computer chair works fine, but if I ever need to wind a ton of yarn, I'll make my own swift.
Name Julia
February 13, 2007   09:52 PM PST
What an excellent boyfriend!
February 13, 2007   09:27 PM PST
Åh, jag drömmer om perfekta garnnystan precis som dina. Grattis!
February 13, 2007   09:09 PM PST
wow, I want one too, imagine having a fancy stash, once again wow.
February 13, 2007   07:42 PM PST
Hej och Grattis i efterskott!

Jag har taggat dig till "Weird things about me" se min blog: http://joannasstickaventyr.blogspot.com/

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