Entry: ¤%!!&=&#!!?/#%&¤ sleeve! Thursday, February 01, 2007

The urge to start new knitting projects is always terrible, but sometimes the wish to see them completed is stronger. I have really wanted to finish the Colchique jumper for ages, but the pattern itself have posed a big problem from time to time. Not only that it's in french, but even when I there is a translation (mostly thanks so the Colchique knit-a-long, but I do know a little french too) one cannot be sure to understand it anyway. Well, the best way is to get back in the saddle. If I'm ever going to finish it! From what I've read, many others have had problems with the sizes, which I took into account when I started the project (on my second attempt, I started out with size 3 but then switched to size 2). Front and back seems fine so far. But the sleeve... nope, after knitting about 75% of the sleeve I tried it on and it both too long and too wide! And it's given me loads of trouble, that wonky little thumb thingie to start with was a nightmare to figure out (which I wouldn't have done without Mia) and the decreases and the button band is giving me a headache. So I decided to frog the stinking thing. But, I haven't given up! I cast on for a new sleeve, without said thumb thingie and in a smaller size, and I've knitted about 20 cm of it. I AM going to finish it now! Linster has promised to help me out, too, thank you dearie!

colchique progress
This is basically what it looks like now, but the sleeve to the left is no more, as it were.

Well, well, there's no reason to mope! I have, of course, started a new pair of socks (socks are fun to knit! Really!). This time from "Knitting Vintage Socks" by Nancy Bush, pictures below:

lozenge pattern socks          lozenges
Gentleman's Sock with Lozenge pattern

And here are some other progress shots, I started this slipover a long time ago, but it's also been laying around for a while. I'm so in love with the yarn, 2-ply 100% wool from Morjärv that I traded with Erika on the yarnswap day last summer, and the pattern has such a lovely simplicity to it. I'm doing some modifications: a v-neck instead of a round one, and some waist shaping. My gauge isn't the same as the orgiginal pattern either. However, I only have 200 grams of this yarn, so I'm a bit worried I won't have enough. And since I have a tendancy to make things too big when i try to "design" something by myself, I might have to frog it and start over. I might do that anyway, because I think I should have knitted it in the round instead of on straight needles. We'll see what happens. Here are the photos:

what I'm working on          progress shot
The original pattern is from 1946. Picture on the right is a bit overexposed, but I didn't bother about shooting a new one.

And speaking about frogging, I started a striped jumper in August, I think, in a lovely light blue and dark brown with Garnstudio's Alpaca. It's also just been lying around and I took a look at it the other day, thinking I should finish it. I wasn't happy with neither the decreases or increases, so I thought I'd frog just a little bit and then give it another go. But then i tried it on and... it was about three decimetres too wide!! I really shouldn't try to design my own things, they ALWAYS turn out too big! Very, VERY annoying!

Here's a pre-frogging photo saved for eternity, since the jumper is an... ex-jumper (in the style of Monty Python...)

It was nice to know you, but I had to let you go...

That's all for today, folks! I'm going back to my knitting and Pirates of the Caribbean (I'm home with a cold, so that's pretty much all I can do.) Oh! I almost forgot! Today is the start of Project Spectrum 2.0! Why don't you join in? Read all about it over at hostess Lolly's blog!


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July 4, 2011   09:57 AM PDT
Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.
February 5, 2007   09:45 AM PST
Oh dear, sometimes knit things can give you such a headache! I really liked the look of the striped alpaca though - maybe you'll use the colours together in some other project? And see, this is why I only "design" scarves, even though I have a book full of dreamt-up sweaters. Still, I'm going to conquer it someday... ;-) Take care of that cold! Kamomillte med honung!
February 2, 2007   01:05 PM PST
i looked that colchique knit-a-long and i love those thumb loops! too bad that you have had so much trouble with the pattern. good luck with the rest of the sweater!
February 1, 2007   09:56 PM PST
Duh, I also hope you feel better soon. Johnny Depp can make anyone feel a LITTLE better, don't you agree? :)
February 1, 2007   09:55 PM PST
I'm so glad I got that Knitting Vintage Socks book. I see so many gorgeous socks being knit, and finally realized they were almost all in the same book!
Good luck on your sleeve. I used to have a section in my website for projects that were uncooperative (it was called the Time-Out Chair). I can't get the graphics to work right on my sidebar anymore, but the Time-Out Chair is still there, and the Pi Shawl is still in it!
February 1, 2007   08:37 PM PST
Hope you get better real quick (or maybe not, for more knitting time on the colchique sleev, at least don't get worse ;o)
Any thoughts for the alpaca, the colors go really well together! The socks look very nice. Have been knitting on my blue socks all day, it is defenitly adictive... as all knitting is I guess.

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