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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I've heard that moving every once in a while is good for you, so I've decided to move to another part of our digital universe.

From now on you'll find me at this address:


I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do. Welcome over!

Oh, and bring your knitting.

Posted at 7/4/2007 2:54:44 pm by katarinawiberg
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Thursday, June 28, 2007
nature wool

Thanks for your support regarding the sleeve mishap, guys! Linn: yes, the armhole is as it should be, so there seems to be no mistakes in the front and back patterns.

After sitting around and whining about my sleeve at the SnB meeting at Marias Garn yesterday, I feel better about it today. For three reasons:
1) bad moods never sticks with me, after a bit of a moan I leave them behind
2) I bought some new yarn for the fisherman's jumper, I really want to knit someting with good, honest wool for a change
3) I swatched some Araucania Nature Wool for a project I've been longing to do for ages

And there really is a fourth reason, too: I remembered that knitting is something I do for fun. As soon as it annoys me I need to bring some enjoyment into it again. A good recipe for that is to put the annoying bits to the side for a while and do something else.

That sure is a pretty yarn. And it's wool.

Posted at 6/28/2007 11:26:49 am by katarinawiberg
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Wednesday, June 27, 2007
what the...?

I am annoyed. I am more than annoyed. I am beyond annoyed! Here I am, back finished, front finished. I cast on on for a simple short sleeve. And end up with... a very odd looking and way too small sleeve! And before you say ANYTHING: I've triple checked that I've followed the pattern correctly. And, yes, I've checked Rowan's webpage and there is no errata. And not only that it's blooming small, it looks really, really weird. And yes, I DID follow the pattern correctly (you see my need to make it clear that this was not my fault?).

You get the picture?

When something like this normally happens when knitting, I just throw the knitting into a crumpled up ball and curse like a pirate, but this time I've decided that I. Am. Going. To. Finish. The. Damn. Thing. and not give up.

a... sleeve?
Strangely shaped sleeve. And what's up with that cast off edge?

So, I've cast on for another sleeve, using a larger size from the pattern (the first sleeve didn't even fit around my upper arm...) and I'm going to do some serious modifications to the shape of it this time.

I do want this horrible top to be finished now, because I'm fed up with it.

Posted at 6/27/2007 1:45:24 pm by katarinawiberg
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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I spent Midsummer at some friends house on an island off the west coast of Sweden. We had a lovely time with lots of good food, sun, swimming and cycling. There was a small handicrafts shop on the island and I had a feeling I would find something to my liking in it. Which I did! I bought six hanks of 2-ply hand dyed wool yarn at a very reasonble price. I have some ideas of what I'm going to do with it, you'll see...


There were a lot of sheep on the island too (but I don't think they were the source of my yarn, however), and since Sheep Are Our Friends (and very cute) I couldn't help taking a lot of photos...



Posted at 6/26/2007 11:09:55 am by katarinawiberg
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Monday, June 18, 2007

I started this project sometime this spring. I like trying new things in general, and getting my hands on a new yarn is always exciting. I prefer natural fibres, and this one is really not an exception. Bamboo yarns are all of a sudden in abundance and I like the idea of a yarn that has many good qualities and that is also ecological. Interweave Knits had an article in the Spring 2007 edition about bamboo yarns which was really interesting.

The yarn I've chosen is Rowan's Bamboo Tape yarn and it introduced two new expriences to me at once. It's the first time I've knit with a bamboo yarn and also the first time I've knit with a tape yarn. I like the feel of the yarn, it's very soft and smooth and has a very nice sheen to it. A bit like silk, but not as dry by far. However, I really don't get what the thing is about tape yarns, I find it messy to knit with and sometimes even uncomfortable. The finished result is very nice though. It has a lovely texture and is very lustreous (is that a word?). On the downside; bamboo yarns obviously stretch quite a lot (I've heard this from other knitters as well), which made me rip out the first attempt and change my 5 mm needles to 4,5 mm instead. And the yarn I chose is very expensive. I'm sure not all bamboo yarns are this expensive, but I suppose Rowan isn't exactly famous for its inexpensive yarns, so it comes as no surprise, I suppose. The pattern I chose calls for nine balls of yarn (75 m/82 yds to a ball) and the balls were SEK 62 a piece (about EUR 6.50, GBP 4.50 and USD 9) so you do the math...

bamboo tape

But anyway, I think the result will be fine, I hope I'll get a chance to wear this little top a lot this summer. The back is finished and I'm about to complete the front as well, which leaves the sleeves and the right front piece. I will not use ribbons to close the opening with, I'll try to find some nice buttons instead.

Posted at 6/18/2007 6:33:40 pm by katarinawiberg
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Friday, June 08, 2007

Don't forget: tomorrow is World Wide Knit In Public Day!

If you happen to be in Stockholm, meet up with other knitters at Mariatorget from around noon.

Read more about it over at the STHLM knitters blog.

Posted at 6/8/2007 1:45:30 pm by katarinawiberg
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Monday, May 21, 2007

Something resembling a dress is actually coming together! I still have the sleeves and the hemline to do. When I tried it on yesterday I realized that there is a not so attractive crease on the back and the front is slouching a bit, so I'll have to take off probably an inch over the shoulders. Which means I have to modify the sleeves too, but I'm not too worried about that.

This is what it looks like now:

And this is what it hopefully will look like when I've altered it a bit:

Click on the images if you want to see larger versions.

I'm really excited about finishing this, I can't wait to go to a nice summer party sipping magaritas wearing this! ;-)

Posted at 5/21/2007 8:22:56 am by katarinawiberg
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Thursday, April 26, 2007
summer dresses

Spring has been unusually warm here in Stockholm, and today it's practically summer outside, at least if you look at the temperature. A horrible discovery at this time of the year is of course one's lack of a nice summer wardrobe. Sure there's the stuff you bought last year. Or was it ten years ago? Anyway I'm in serious need of a wardrobe makeover. Pimp my wardrobe, so to speak.

For several reasons I really don't have the means at the moment to go on an uncontrolled shopping spree, which means I have to be more creative than usual. But don't worry, folks, I have an idea! Not so original, though, but my plan is to do something with all those patterns I'm collecting and my humongous fabric stash and start whipping up some new and sazzy outfits!

To me summer speaks dresses, dresses, dresses and the odd skirt. And to make this plan work even better is the fact that hopefully by this weekend I'll have a brand new workplace in my apartment where I can permanetly keep my sewing machine ready. No more stowing it away! I'll take a photo when it's all set up.

Anyway, I'm planning my first sewing project in ages even as we speak (the last one was the dress for my sister's bridesmaid)! I borrowed a bunch of patterns from my friend Eva, and the one I'm planning is from one of those. I have the fabric to go with it, but no photo of it as yet. And don't forget my plans from last summer, hopefully I will se them realised soon too!

Here's the dress I'm gonne make. It's the one on the right with a short sleeve.

pattern from 1961
Simplicity pattern from 1961

And I found this lovely blog called "Sew Retro" which I'll definitely join! Summer, here I come!

But don't worry, this does not mean that I have abandoned my knitting, oh, no, I'm still working on those cute knee-high socks and I've started a nice cool summer top for those hot summer days. Pictures to come.

Posted at 4/26/2007 12:55:26 pm by katarinawiberg
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Monday, April 23, 2007
Interweave Knits Summer 2007

The preview is up! And Swedish knitter and DoRedo guru Katarina Brieditis is one of the designers in this issue, way to go! Take a look HERE.

Posted at 4/23/2007 9:12:44 pm by katarinawiberg
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Friday, April 20, 2007

I didn't manage to tape it, but here's a photo of the event. Knitting on MTV.

knitting on MTV
Darin and me knitting. Surreal.

Posted at 4/20/2007 11:58:34 am by katarinawiberg
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